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Friday, May 21, 2010

The reader in control on iPad

The clock is ticking on the launch of the iPad which goes on sale officially next Friday May 28.

I say officially as I saw one shop on Edgeware Road in London selling both 32gb and 64gb versions yesterday, presumably imported from the States.

The general consensus is that tablet devices are a huge opportunity for the publishing sector.

There is a good analysis of its potential impact by Kristine Lowe who encourages publishers to see what they are producing as apps, not as a magazines or newspapers.

The key is the reader is really in control, she argues.

That will require fresh thinking by those who have spent their working lives ordering content and presenting information in static form.

But journalists are used to adapting and given the right training, it's going to be fascinating to see which publishers make the most of the exciting opportunities the next generation of tablet PCs offer. (TJ)

Here's a look at the FT's planned iPad app.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New skills for tomorrow's reporters

Hopefully you were able to follow a very interesting debate at the latest Westminster Media Forum on the future of news media.

The gist of what I said during the panel on training, standards and citizen journalism is covered by Press Gazette.

But what was interesting from the overall theme of the discussion was that journalism and editorial standards are as crucial in the new world as ever they were in the pre-digital age.

Journalists will require more skills and underpinning knowledge going forward according to nearly every speaker.

My list of requirements was:
  • Numeracy to allow better use of freely available data
  • Technology to allow journalists to control the means of digital production
  • Enterprise skills to help find ways of making journalism pay
As I am currently planning the syllabus for courses for next year, it would be great to hear views about the relative importance of each of these; what there should be less of, perhaps, and what else might be included in the list. (TJ)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Applying for a job in journalism? Read this

Just finished interviewing for the Daily Mail reporters' training scheme at Northcliffe House. More than 900 applicants whittled down to 40, then 14 and finally 7. My colleagues have also finished recruiting for the sub-editing scheme and have selected five would-be Mail PJs. Congratulations to all. We will see them all again in August and September when the training schemes begin at Press Association Training's Manor House in Howden.
One thing that struck me through the recruitment though, was how many people fall short in their CVs and even in their interviewing techniques. So, I thought it might be useful to share some do's and don'ts when putting together your application. Take a look here.