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Friday, May 21, 2010

The reader in control on iPad

The clock is ticking on the launch of the iPad which goes on sale officially next Friday May 28.

I say officially as I saw one shop on Edgeware Road in London selling both 32gb and 64gb versions yesterday, presumably imported from the States.

The general consensus is that tablet devices are a huge opportunity for the publishing sector.

There is a good analysis of its potential impact by Kristine Lowe who encourages publishers to see what they are producing as apps, not as a magazines or newspapers.

The key is the reader is really in control, she argues.

That will require fresh thinking by those who have spent their working lives ordering content and presenting information in static form.

But journalists are used to adapting and given the right training, it's going to be fascinating to see which publishers make the most of the exciting opportunities the next generation of tablet PCs offer. (TJ)

Here's a look at the FT's planned iPad app.

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