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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trainee lands first splash

Trainee Jack Maidment has scooped his fellow delegates on our Newcastle foundation course by landing the first splash story of the 17-week programme.

He managed to pull in an interesting story about pensioners fixing their own retirement dates which was made the lead in The Journal newspaper.

One of the things that sets our training course apart from many others is the chance the trainees get to work on real stories during their time with us.

We normally get dozens published in the three newspapers and associated NCJ Media websites during the life of each course.

Getting a story strong enough to lead one of the titles though is always an achievement.

Jack said: "It's a really big deal for me. The Journal is a leading paper and to have my byline on the splash is fantastic."

We are continuing to work towards the August 30 launch date for our sister course in the London offices of the Press Association which will mirror the Newcastle course. (TJ)

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  1. Well done Jack.

    Loving the list of banned words over your shoulder too.