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Monday, March 1, 2010

It's an apostrophe catastrophe

Some academics think it should be abolished, all greengrocers should be made to take compulsory training on its use, and most young journalists don't understand why we get so up tight about it. The apostrophe causes more confusion and cock-ups than almost any other punctuation in the English language. So here at the Pencil Sharpener we were heartened to see that there is a website dedicated to it's (sorry) its misuse.
Great fun for all those like me who feel like grabbing sign writers by the throat when they put apple's and pear's, off license and (one spotted in Brighton, I kid you not) 'two Italian bottels of wine'.
For those looking for a fun way to learn how to use the little blighter, there's a great flow chart from a one-man entertainment machine The Oatmeal (pictured) who does great humorous cartoons and illustrations about all aspects of modern living.

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